Austin Classical School is pleased to partner with the National Christian Foundation in using their platform for donations and financial support to our school.  National Christian Foundation is a grant-making foundation of donor directed funds.  We have established a fund account through NCF that supports our school’s fundraising efforts.  Using the NCF platform for donations adds options for donors while lessening the administrative burden to our school.

Please use the following link to make a donation or to complete your giving commitment.  For further information about NCF, see the Q&A below.

Donate Now

Click here to make a donation to ACS via National Christian Foundation.


Questions and Answers

While some may be familiar with the idea of donor directed funds, we recognize that many are not.
The following Q&A is designed to provide information and instructions on how to use this tool.

Is my donation still tax deductible? 

Yes! Any donation to Austin Classical School via NCF is still 100% tax deductible. The donation receipt will come from NCF instead of ACS but the donation will be for ACS.  NCF is simply handling the administration.  The entire amount of your donation is tax deductible regardless of the type of donation (ex: credit card donation or e-check donation).

What is a donor-directed fund and how does it work?

With a donor-directed fund, you (the donor) make a donation to the foundation (NCF) and direct the gift to a particular charity (Austin Classical School).  If you desire to give and/or set up recurring donations, you will click on the link above. You will be directed to a page that allows you to set up payments to Austin Classical School’s fund at NCF.

How is this different than if I just wrote a check to Austin Classical School?

The biggest change is that your donation is going to National Christian Foundation, and thus your tax receipts will come from them.

But, wait!  I want my gift to go to Austin Classical School!

It will.  As a donor-directed fund, when you make a donation to Austin Classical School’s fund at National Christian Foundation, we receive the donation.  NCF just handles the administration of the gift. We (ACS) receive all the documentation of donations/donors so that we can keep track of commitment fulfillment as well as donor acknowledgments within our business office.

Why not just set up a standard credit card giving tool?

Establishing a fund with NCF allows us to expand giving opportunities to non-liquid gifts, such as stocks, business interests, land, and other appreciated assets.  There is also an opportunity for completely anonymous giving for those who desire it. Partnering with NCF will help us grow the ways that donors can give without increasing our school’s operating costs.

Does Austin Classical School pay a fee for this?

Yes, but it is very small.  For liquid gifts, the administrative cost is based on the average daily balance at an annual rate of 1%.  Because we will not generally leave money in our fund at NCF but instead transfer it to Austin Classical School’s banking accounts bi-monthly, that fee paid will be 1/12th of 1%.

What about credit card fees? Should I use the e-check option?

NCF has negotiated very competitive credit card processing fees. These fees will reduce the amount of net donation received by ACS. For example, for a $1,000 donation made using a Visa credit card, ACS will receive $975 while $25 will be paid to Visa for the transaction. Therefore the fees are as follows: AMEX 3.1%, Discover 2.2%, Master Card 2.5%, Visa 2.5%.

The better option for Austin Classical School is for donors to choose the e-check option.  We pay no processing fees for this type of transaction.  However, regardless of which option you choose, you will be receipted for the full amount of your credit card or e-check contribution.

Can I still just give the “old fashioned” way by writing a check and mailing it or driving it to the school or through Renweb?

Absolutely!  This is just an option that we hope is helpful.  Click HERE for our mailing address.

*In accordance with IRS Publication 526, contributions made to Austin Classical School’s financial aid fund are tax deductible.  However, contributions set aside for use by a specific person, such as scholarship/grant donations for the tuition of a named student, are not deductible for tax purposes.  If you have questions, please consult your tax professional.