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Classical Model

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Collaborative Schedule

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Grammar: PK - 4th

Grammar school encompasses Pre-K through 4th grade, during which time students learn to fall in love with learning through plenty of hands-on activities, engaging memory work, songs and chants, and lots of time playing. Grammar students are on campus Mondays and Wednesdays, and spend the remaining days learning at home alongside a co-teacher.
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Logic: 5th - 8th

In our school of Logic, students start to work more independently while developing their critical thinking skills. Logic students are also able to participate in our Athletics and Fine Arts offerings. Students in Logic are on campus Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, and spend the remaining days completing school work at home.
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Rhetoric: 9th - 12th

In our School of Rhetoric, students begin to synthesize all that they've learned during their educational career, with the capstone events of presenting their Senior Thesis and getting to experience a trip to Europe to see history come alive. Rhetoric students also participate in our Fine Arts and Athletics programs, and are on campus Mondays through Thursdays, while they get to spend Fridays at home completing any remaining school work.
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Austin Classical School exists to glorify Jesus Christ by

co-laboring with families to cultivate wise, virtuous, and humble students

through an excellent classical, Christian education.

Life at Austin Classical School

A glimpse into happenings in and around campus!

What Parents Say

What current families are saying about Austin Classical School.


Co-teaching Mom of 2

“After trying full-time homeschooling for a year, God led us to Austin Classical School. I love partnering with professional teachers, and sitting shoulder-to-shoulder with my students as we learn together.”


Co-teaching Mom of 1st Grader

“Co-teaching my 1st grader really stretched us spiritually and emotionally, and we are the better for it! What a gift!”


Co-teaching Mom of 4

“Exciting, Rigorous, Grace-filled.”


Co-teaching Parent

“It has grown our family tighter through sibling bonds and parent/child bonds. My husband has a fairly demanding job time-wise so the freedom in our schedule allows us to be together much more as a family.”


Co-teaching Mom of 2nd and 4th Graders

“I love the blended model of ACS. The guidance and accountability of the administration and staff and the privilege and joy of being with my kids more. I’ve learned so much about my children as I’ve stepped into the role as teacher.”